Meet Corgi.

The most amazing thing happened to me over the weekend: I got a puppy.

It’s a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi, only 8 weeks old.  And his name is Corgi, because my boyfriend and I have been referring to him as such for almost half a year now, and because it just fits.  We’re not trying to be clever (Oh wow it’s a dog named Dog! Hehe No one’s ever thought of that before!) – just so we’re clear.

Corgi is inarguably the cutest damn puppy you will EVER EVER EVER see.  I was walking him this morning and got stopped by a photographer who’s apparently doing a series on puppies and requested to take pictures of Corgi.  So, basically, he’s going to be a star one day. But you met him here first!

When getting a puppy for the first time, one must remember to keep a camera at hand at all times.  Because, like parents of a firstborn, you think everything the dog does is magical.  In my case, it’s true.  Evidence of his cuteness:

In the car on the way home!

Obviously, it’s near impossible to get a picture that’s not all blurry when he’s awake… he is a tiny package of energy.

He likes to sleep on his back.

That’s his pet pig, Willy.

Random fact: Corgis have a special relationship with fairies.  Legend has it that they once served as the trusted steeds to the fairies in the woodlands of Wales.  They still have what’s called a “fairy saddle” – a little hump on its back, between its shoulders.  There are all kinds of weird Corgi fairy legends out there (because the Welsh are a bit crazy).  But it’s a little bit awesome.  After all, no other dogs can call themselves friends of Titania:

Corgi is my little bundle of happiness right now.  I apologize for the self-centered post, but I can’t help it.  I’m in love.