Lois Greenfield is a talented photographer who has a gift for capturing the fluid strength of dancers’ bodies.  My favorite of her work is this series of dancers from the American Ballet Theatre, with their bodies swirling into their colorful scarves.  The photographs exhibit the energy and skill of years of athletic and artistic training captured in one moment of time.

Greenfield’s Artist’s Statement:

The ostensible subject of my photographs may be motion, but the subtext is Time. A dancer’s movements illustrate the passage of time, giving it a substance, materiality, and space. In my photographs, time is stopped, a split second becomes an eternity, and an ephemeral moment is solid as sculpture. The seemingly impossible configurations of dancers in the air are all taken as single image, in-camera photographs. I never recombine or rearrange the dancers within my images. Their veracity as documents gives the images their mystery; and their surreality comes from the fact that our brains don’t register split seconds of movement.